Hi, we are still receiving some emails in regards to when the free section will return and I wanted to address some of the issues with it.

Earlier this year when we removed the Free section and started removing all the Lolicon people started posting on Forums that we are going Crazy and that Lolicon is legal et etc, well for all the people that think they know what’s going on in the US here is the hard facts now of what we knew will be coming:

Tomorrow July 27 2006 President Bush will sign the new  2257-Related Bill called HR 4472, in simple terms this bill now includes all  visual depictions of simulated sexually explicit conduct.

What does that mean for Animation and artists and websites?
1: Lolicon now is official Illegal in the USA and punishable same as real child porn.

2: All artists are required to provide their personal information for record keeping.

3: all websites have to comply with 2257 record keeping regulations.

There is a lot more legal detail to this but this is pretty much the basic of it, HR 4472 does cover no all forms of  sexually explicit conduct including art animation, even a stick figure would be required to comply with this law.

so for now we are do NOT have an ETA on the return of the Free section as providing access to minors to sexually explicit conduct without the correct website labeling is also a breach of the new 2257 law.

I am pretty sure there will lots of post again of all the people that always know everything better when it comes down to what is law, just keep this in mind, yes you can sale drugs till you get caught, same here yes you can have a free site that does not comply with any of the 2257 regulations, you can even have lolicon, but guess when you get caught I hope you have a lot of cash for very very good legal counseling as these charges are 5 years per incident, 1 incident= 1 image.

and no it does not matter where the image is hosted! if oyu live in the us you are braking a us law.

As a corporation we will always try to comply as best as we can with any us law as we do Live in the usa and need to protect our and our families personal freedom before anything else, I hope you can understand our point of view on this issue, this is not a choice made but something that was forced on us.


here are links for the believers that its all still good and fine, lol good luck to you:

a. A webmaster should read Section 2257 as amended, which can be found here carefully, and with recourse to a graphic version that illustrates the changes, which can be found here. The entire text of the Act can be found here.


pay attention to:

(a) Whoever produces any book, magazine, periodical, film, videotape, digital image, digitally- or computer-manipulated image of an actual human being, picture,or other matter which--


(1) contains one or more visual depictions made after November 1, 1990 of actual sexually explicit conduct; and

more info

Wednesday, August 2, 2006
A look at how to comply with the new amendments
Tuesday, August 1, 2006
HR 4472 and its consequences for adult webmasters



Also if you think this is bad check this out, the us congress is about to take the internet away from you all:

Very sad that we are ruled by a bunch of ignorant morons.



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